Getting a Grip on Complexity: Systems Nutrition

Bas H.A. Kremer, Herman van Wietmarschen, B. van Ommen. 2015. Getting a Grip on Complexity: Systems Nutrition. Sight and Life. 1. 29
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Taal/language: Engels
Abstract / summary in English:

The need to characterize the complexity of nutritional interactions.


Malnutrition, either by lack or excess of nutritional components, poses challenges to global health. To improve nutrition-related health, there is a clear need to characterize the complexity of interactions between nutrients and the network of pathways, mechanisms, processes and organs that drive human health. Furthermore, it is evident that physical health is not a stand-alone aspect of nutrition-related health, but that mental and social health intimately interact with physical health. To move the global nutrition agenda forward, we advocate Systems Nutrition research using composite biomarkers of health and system intervention models covering the relevant physiological, mental and social domains.

Keywords in English: Malnutrition, global health, nutritients, personal health, intervention models, biomarkers, micronutrients