Buijtenland van Rhoon: transition towards nature-inclusive arable farming

Towards nature-inclusive arable farming

Local farmers have initiated the process of rezoning the Buijtenland van Rhoon region with the aim of preventing the area from being turned into a marshland nature reserve as part of the key planning decision Rotterdam Mainport Development Project (PKB PMR). In 2017, an alternative plan was written, together with, amongst others, the Louis Bolk Institute and the Dutch Cultural Landscape Association, combining agriculture, nature and recreation.

Animal Welfare & Animal Health

Animal welfare & animal health is reflected in behaviour

Good health in animals is in all our best interests. It is a precondition for animal welfare, which can be deduced from how animals behave. An important indicator is the absence of abnormal behaviour, such as tongue-twisting in calves, tail-biting in pigs and feather pecking in poultry, as such behaviour may cause injuries and increases the risk of infections. The presence of positive, natural behaviour, such as playing, searching for food or sunbathing with congeners, is an indication of well-being.

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