Working at LBI

Working at LBI means researching sustainability and the strengthening of natural systems. Our activities (i.e. research, advice and development) are focused on addressing questions from everyday practice and policymakers in an integrated and participatory way, to arrive at clear answers and advice, both for and together with entrepreneurs and professionals in agriculture, health care and the food industry.

Our six themes clearly show the subjects that we are currently focusing on. The overview of projects can be searched/filtered according to subject. This is a good way of discovering which types of expertise can be found at LBI. On the staff page, you can see who would be your colleagues if you were to come work for our institute.

Medewerkers Louis Bolk Instituut
Our researchers like nothing better than to be out in the field — sometimes quite literally! 

Creative and innovative aspects

Our fifty or so staff members highly appreciate the creative and innovative aspects of their work. They are seeing how the practical approach to the work at LBI leads to truly workable solutions for farmers, nature organisations, care institutions, local communities and businesses.  With respect to the work climate at our organisation, staff members say they enjoy the informal way colleagues interact with each other. In addition to people’s main tasks, there is ample opportunity for activities within and for the organisation, for communication about the individual work tasks and for personal development.  

Committed and cooperative

Our staff members appreciate the flexible working hours, the variation in tasks and the professional freedom. We are able to operate in this way, because all staff members are self-reliant, very committed and have a good sense of responsibility. The typical LBI worker (colloquially known as a ‘Bolker’) will go the extra mile, should this be required. However, this does not mean that people are left to their own devices; on the contrary, new staff members are provided with a mentor and a sparring partner (i.e. buddy). Our staff are very helpful and willing to support their colleagues. Even so, you will need to clearly formulate the type of assistance you require, because it is not always provided as a matter of course. 


We have two company cars available for fieldwork, as well as one hybrid vehicle that we use for both fieldwork and visiting clients. Furthermore, we reimburse the costs of private car use or public transport costs incurred for work-related trips. We stimulate sustainable behaviour by offering a lot of scope for alternative transportation, such as a bicycle scheme. See our contact page for information about access to our premises. For corporate social responsibility (CSR), see the webpage on our CSR Policy.

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

The European Commission is committed to promoting gender equality in research and innovation. As a participating research organisation, Louis Bolk Institute supports this through our own commitment towards gender and social equality in our own organisation, and our applied research community. To this end, this Gender Equality Plan summarises the measures, activities and policies that LBI has implemented or plans to implement. 


Our current vacancies are posted here. In addition, we regularly also offer internships. See our Twitter and LinkedIn accounts to stay informed about interesting job openings. 

For questions about vacancies and internships, please contact Managing Director Klaas Berkhof (Telephone: +31 (0)343-523860 or E-mail: