Mission and vision


We are an independent, internationally recognised private knowledge institute that aims to promote scientifically proven sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health. For more than 40 years, we have been contributing to healthy soils, plants, animals and people in their interrelationship, by carrying out practice-oriented research and advice. With our work, we make a positive contribution to society. We do this on the basis of the following core values and/or starting points: pioneering, proven, coherent and applicable.


We strive for positive health and vitality, a resilient food system, a sustainable physical environment and sustainable agriculture. In doing so, we focus our research on societal transitions that contribute to these goals. We have categorised the related research questions into six themes on which we are actively working and which we consider highly relevant to a healthy and fully sustainable planet and society:

We wrote our vision of the future based on these themes and linked relevant topics, projects, staff members and publications. Our focus is primarily on the Netherlands.

Information about how we do this can be found on the page about our working methods and our organisation, the way we are governed and the objective of the foundation.