About us

We are an independent internationally recognised research institute in the fields of sustainable agriculture, nutrition and health. Together with partners, we develop scientific knowledge that can be applied both in the realm of policy and in practice.

Our mission

The Louis Bolk Institute is committed to a resilient, healthy and fair system of agriculture, food and human health, with impact in practice.

Our vision

The Louis Bolk Institute is an independent research institute linking science, policy and practice

  • from a systems approach;
  • by making a difference together with and in practice;
  • in an innovative way;
  • with a certain amount of daring.

We do so, principally, in the role of researchers developing knowledge and subsequently making this knowledge available, providing advice and process support, and thus having an impact in practice.

Pathways towards solutions for societal policy issues

We promote sustainable agriculture, healthy food and good health. Our practice-oriented and participatory research contributes to the strengthening of natural processes and the relationships between them. We offer pathways to concrete solutions for social tasks and policy objectives in both the Netherlands and the European Union — because challenges in the fields of health, nitrogen, climate, biodiversity and water can only be solved when addressed in conjunction. Our main clients include the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport, various Dutch provinces, municipalities, water boards, the European Commission, site management organisations, health and welfare organisations, nature organisations and various funds.

Our knowledge is innovative, concrete and focused on changes on a systems level

Our research focuses on technological, social and ecological innovations that contribute to these tasks and objectives. We do so together with and for practitioners, in a transparent manner and by sharing all our research results. Thanks to our extensive networks, systemic perspective and practice-oriented approach, our input is valued by policymakers, practitioners and researchers alike. In this way, our work has an impact on society.

Our work methods and research themes

Read about our work methods and check out our theme pages where we have categorised research questions according to the six themes on which we are actively working. These are the themes that we consider highly relevant to achieve resilient, robust and fair agriculture, food, and health systems: